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How to fit a trailer hitch to the Silverwing Interstate

From the message forum questions and from personal emails, it seems that my fitting a trailer hitch to my '81 GL500 Interstate has aroused some interest and requests for details have come thick and fast.

Rather than reply individually I have prepared this page with photos of the hitch assembly on my bike so that you can see what is involved i.e. not a lot, just pipe bending and welding that a plumber/engineer can do.

The materials were some 22mm approx steel gas pipe (steam pipe?), a 9 inch length of 2 inch steel angle, some drilled 6mm thick steel links and nuts and bolts! The electrics and hitch ball are standard caravan/trailer relay unit and fittings.The bends in the lower side rails allow the rear wheel to be removed more easily.

The photos are I think self explanatory and show the main points. The hitch is a very tidy affair and was made by Consett Trailers for me. They can fit similar tow hitches to bikes in the UK at reasonable cost but they cannot provide self-fit kits as they are all tailor made for individual bikes.

Just click on the thumbnails to get an enlarged image in a new window
Right front mounting onto foot peg fitting (note a longer foot peg bolt is needed) - left is same
Tow ball plate and tubing welds
RHS top mounting point on Insterstate pannier rail to existing hole
(left is same)

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